Design & Engineering

The hydraulic model is a critical aspect to any deluge system. It ensures that the deluge system is designed correctly and is hydraulically balanced ensuring sufficient firewater availability throughout the system. On older assets it is common that deluge systems are extended or modified due to plant modifications. If this is not modelled to verify the modifications are achievable without fundamentally affecting the firewater demands then it can have serious implications to the safety of the system.

We can revalidate your existing hydraulic calculations to capture any design changes that may have been implemented during the life of the asset. We use the latest PIPENET Software and our experienced desk engineers can recommend any further design changes that may be required to ensure that the system is operating to the required standards. Our field engineers can carry out a full wet performance test onsite to capture the required flow and pressure data to give clients demonstrable evidence that each system is operating correctly.

Any existing isometric drawings can be as-built onsite to capture any changes and our desk engineers can create new drawings using the latest Autocad software.