Fire System Integrity Assurance

Following completion of any descaling workscopes consideration should be given on how to maintain the deluge systems in a fit for purpose and compliant condition. Clearwater Fire Solutions offer a low cost and robust Fire Systems Integrity Assurance (FSIA) Service, which is developed specifically for each client to ensure that they remain compliant with current regulatory requirements and also their own performance standards. With careful planning and regular inspections utilising our other services within our portfolio clients can have demonstrable evidence that their systems are fit for purpose.

This can ultimately lead to justification for extending periods between routine wet deluge testing thus avoiding the associated issues with corrosion build up and water ingress to plant equipment.

Active firewater systems are critical elements that are vital to the safe and continuous operation of any asset or industrial plant.

Clearwater are experienced at providing a comprehensive service offering to ensure active firewater systems are correctly designed, engineered, tested and maintained. Clearwater regards technical and personal safety as being the foundation of any successful business operation.

Clearwater views all active firewater systems from the strategic and life cycle perspective, this is to ensure that at any point of time, the active firewater systems are available and fit for purpose from start-up to decommissioning.

We have the expertise to perform fire/safety audits of a facility to evaluate industry best practise, compliance against legislative requirements / company standards. These audits form a health check and enables a clear understanding of the current status and details any recommendations to ensure compliance.

With careful planning and regular inspections clients can have demonstrable evidence that their systems are fit for purpose whilst extending the life of the asset fire protection system.

Combined with the use of our Siron Dry Deluge Testing service duty holders can have justification to break the cycle of repeated wet deluge testing.

FSIA is about taking a common sense and practicable approach to maintaining the integrity of deluge systems. Following the implementation of a Clearwater FSIA plan the duty holder will have the following documented evidence that the systems are fit for purpose:

  • Benchmark wet deluge test report showing volumetric flows, pressures and density application rates meet or exceed the design hydraulic calculations
  • Siron Dry Deluge Test report with digital video/images
  • Platform fire pumps are tested regularly and are capable of supplying the firewater demand to each deluge system
  • Firewater ringmain is being flushed regularly to remove any MIC and marine growth build up
  • Deluge valves are function tested and capable of operating on demand
  • Manual bypass valves are operational and in serviceable condition
  • Deluge isolation valves and TRIM panels tested regularly
  • Pressure and flow switches are in working order
  • Deluge pipework is clear of debris and obstructions
  • Deluge nozzles are correct type, undamaged and capable of supplying a uniform spray pattern
  • Deluge pipework brackets are intact and secure

With a simple, low cost FSIA plan in place the duty holder has justification that each system will operate as designed on change of platform status and can from there decrease the frequency of routine wet deluge testing.

Clearwater Fire Solutions, with their wide range of international experience in all aspects of fire systems integrity assurance within the oil, gas, petrochemical and other high hazard industries, are uniquely qualified to carry out the FSIA reviews.