Foam Testing

Good quality firefighting foams generally have excellent storage properties with many manufacturers offering guarantees of up to 10 years on an appropriately stored product. However foam concentrate can be compromised by a number of factors such as storage in extreme temperatures, contamination or dilution, and for this reason EN13565:1, BS5306, NFPA 11 and UKOOA/HSE require that all firefighting foam should be tested at least annually to determine changes in constitution, specification and characteristics.

The analysing of foam samples is a complex procedure that should only be attempted by competent personnel. Most foam manufacturers guarantee their products and therefore have a vested interest in ensuring that they remain in good condition throughout their lifetime. Third party test facilities may not have the full specification of the foam in order to give a correct analysis of the foam. The foam manufacturer should be able to supply a Certificate of Analysis listing at least the following values:

  • pH value
  • Viscosity
  • Sediment/Un-dissolved solids
  • Expansion ratio
  • Drainage time

Records highlighting the important parameters should be maintained.

We can supply all types of specialised firefighting foam in any volumes and with a realistic lead time.

Clearwater can organise the mandatory laboratory testing of onshore/offshore produced foam samples at OTL’s state of the art lab facilities with a rapid turnaround service to ensure clients remain compliant with current legislation.

We can also offer Field Foam Testing Kits and organise bespoke training courses for clients to facilitate onsite testing.

Some of the types of firefighting foam we can supply are below.

  • AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam)
  • AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam – (Low Freeze)
  • Airport Foams
  • Alcohol Resistant Foams
  • Class A and Hi Expansion Foams
  • Florine Free Foams
  • Training Foams
  • Vapour Shields and D Foamer (Vapour Suppressants and De- Foaming (Fire Water runoff management)

Offshore Foam Testing

Clearwater Fire Solutions, with their competent and qualified personnel, and using our NFPA 11 compliant Foam Quality Analysis Foam Test Kit, can conduct offshore testing to provide the Duty Holder with a detailed performance report without the delays associated with sending the samples to a laboratory.

Clearwater Fire Solutions have the capabilities of conducting the following quality analysis test:

Foam Concentrate:

Produced Foam (Solution):

All foam quality analysis test results are detailed on a Foam Quality Analysis Test Report; which the duty holder can use to demonstrate system compliance to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ); HSE, Insurance Company, etc.