ClearFlow™ Pipework Descaling

For any firewater system, onshore or offshore, there is one overriding requirement, namely the reliability of the water supply in the event of an emergency. Carbon steel pipework has been used extensively during construction phases due to its low cost. Unfortunately due to the nature of carbon steel and the use of seawater as a firefighting medium corrosion over time has an adverse effect on system reliability. The corrosion product falls in to the flow path of the firewater and ultimately results in nozzle and/or pipework blockages.

Clearwater Fire Solutions offer cost effective and efficient solutions to descale existing deluge systems onshore and offshore with minimal disruption to client operations. From experience gained in the field the corrosion issues tend to be internal with the majority of pipework and this internal corrosion can be successfully removed thus extending the life of the deluge system.

Clearwater Fire Solutions are experts in their field of Deluge Flow Assurance technologies and are the only company who can offer both mechanical descaling and chemical descaling options. Backed up by our comprehensive Fire System Integrity Assurance plan we can give clients complete life of field solutions to ensure nozzle blockages are no longer an issue.

Clear-Flow™ Chemical Descaling is our proprietary process which uses a unique blend of environmentally friendly CEFAS registered chemicals which are proven to efficiently remove iron oxide deposits without affecting the parent material of the deluge pipework.

Clear-Flow™ was developed after working closely with our chemical manufacturers and has many advantages over traditional chemical treatments :-

  • Unique blend of only 3 chemicals which offers complete iron oxide scale removal, passivation of pipework and the application of corrosion inhibitor with one circulation
  • CEFAS registered environmentally friendly chemicals which are safely disposed of to sea on completion of treatment to eliminate costly onshore disposal
  • Chemicals aggressively remove iron oxide deposits at ambient temperatures with inhibitors added to prevent any erosion of pipework parent material
  • Chemicals are designed to be most efficient at low concentrations meaning less chemicals are required overall and less exposure risk to personnel

No heat requirement means less bedspace is needed and a significant reduction in equipment costs and deck space requirements

Clear-Flow™ Mechanical Descaling is the most cost effective method available for the efficient descaling of all types of pipework. Clearwater has worked closely with our manufacturer to design our own proprietary types of tool heads and brushes. Our proprietary tooling is designed to aggressively remove iron oxide and other scale deposits without harming the parent material of the pipework. Our methodology has been extensively field proven and we can often descale the majority of each system without a full isolation, ensuring that there is full fire coverage throughout the process.

Pipework Water Jet Descaling

Clear-Flow™ Water Jet Descaling is an effective method of descaling larger diameter pipework.

All Clearwater personnel are trained to Water Jetting Association standards and have extensive experience in all types of water jetting scopes of work.

For whatever type of blockage or diameter of pipe Clearwater can offer the most cost effective option with which to efficiently remediate the issue. We have carried out descaling to numerous types of systems including:

  • Deluge system small bore pipework
  • Deluge header pipework
  • Hypochlorite lines
  • Seawater cooling lines
  • Platform drains
  • Fire sprinkler systems
Pipework Descaling Before Pipework Descaling Before
Pipework Descaling After Pipework Descaling After
Pipework Descaling Before Pipework Descaling Before
Pipework Descaling After Pipework Descaling After

Pipework Replacement

Some deluge systems, or sections of deluge systems, may be deemed too badly corroded to descale and the only practicable method for restoring system availability is to replace. Clearwater Fire Solutions offer a full pipework replacement service using our skilled rope access technicians. We can replace pipework, associated brackets, nozzles and trigger lines in an efficient manner with minimal impact to platform operations.

Pipework Water Jet Descaling

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