Pipework and Nozzle Inspections

Internal Remote Visual Inspection

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) is recognised in the industry as a cost effective method of monitoring degradation of the system pipework and headers. Clearwater Fire Solutions utilise state of the art camera equipment to ensure the client is supplied with consistently clear data in the form of a comprehensive report detailing the general condition of each deluge system. With our rope access capabilities we can access hard to reach or obstructed sections of each system. Various inspection routines can be implemented from 20% to 100% of each system depending on client requirements.

Nozzle Inspections

On any deluge system it is common for damage to occur to nozzles, in particular to areas of high traffic due to multiple workscopes. It is critical that the deluge nozzles are in good condition to ensure that the system will deliver the correct spray pattern. Over time it is also common for damaged nozzles to be replaced with the incorrect type, which can have an adverse effect on the hydraulics of the system.

Clearwater Fire Solutions offer a nozzle inspection service using our trained rope access technicians. The nozzles installed can be compared to those shown on the isometric drawings and any anomalies can be quickly identified. A comprehensive report is generated with marked up drawings showing the locations and also summarising remedial work required if any.

Deluge Nozzle Supply

Clearwater Fire are approved distributors of HD Fire Pvt Ltd deluge nozzles. We can offer all sizes, materials and K-factors of medium and high velocity deluge nozzles to suit your project requirements. All are either FM Approved and/or UL Listed.

Due to our relationship with HD Fire we can offer these nozzles at the most competitive price in the UK. Contact us for more details or download the data sheets to see the ranges offered and check suitability. Usual lead time is 2 –3 weeks from order.

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