High Pressure Water Jetting

A commonly overlooked testing criteria for a deluge performance is the effectiveness of the localised drains to allow all water to be removed from the deluge module. Often the management of the open drains are controlled by a third-party contractor.

Clearwater Fire offers clients a complete service. With a multi-disciplined team who can switch between Deluge Performance Testing and High-Pressure Water Jetting (1000Bar) we can ensure our clients require less vendors to achieve total compliance. Our range of inspection cameras ensure that clients are provided with visual evidence of before and after remediations.

Our teams are proficient in the cleaning of:

  • Firewater Ring-Mains
  • Open Drains
  • Grey & Black Water Drains
  • Hypo-Chloride Systems
  • Hydro-Cyclone Liners
  • Caisson Cleaning
  • Marine Growth Removal