North Sea FPSO

Scope of Work

Clearwater Fire Solutions have been working with the this Operator on their FPSO since its commissioning phase in Singapore. To prevent the impact caused with Wet Testing the Clearwater Fire team perform an annual Dry Test using the patented SIORN technology. Whilst on board the team assist the platform by conducting a survey of all deluge nozzles and 20% internal inspection of the deluge systems. 

  • 3 man-rope access team
  • Dry Testing Package 
  • Nozzles checked against isometric drawings
  • Video footage captured to record defects
  • Internal pipework inspection using borescope camera 


The work scope was completed successfully and without any safety concerns within the 3-week time frame. Both the Operator and Clearwater continue to work closely to ensure their Deluge Systems meet compliance.

North Sea Operator

Scope of Work

This large North Sea Operator requested Clearwater Fire Solution to design, build and install two Heli-Deck Self Oscillating Foam Monitors. Clearwater Fire collaborated with their partners FPE Sontum AS to complete this scope of work. FPE Sontum were able to FAT both monitors with thanks to their purpose build testing facility in Stavanger. 

Due to COVID restrictions both client meetings and the final FAT were completed through online meetings and live demonstrations. Great communications between the teams ensured the project was delivered on time and to specification. Our Clearwater Fire team mobilised to arrive onboard prior to the skids being offloaded from the supply vessel. The team ensured the seamless installation and commissioning of the skids. Minor adjustments were required to ensure the foam properties were inducting at the correct percentage and this was done using our travel foam testing kit.

  • 2-man installation and testing team
  • Foam Testing Kit
  • Specialised tool kit


Two fully functional Self Oscillating Foam monitors were designed, built, and installed to the client specification. Despite initial setbacks due to the COVID pandemic the scope of work was successfully completed on time and to specification.

International Client

Scope of Work

The International client approached Clearwater Fire with a request to test their deluge systems on the newly installed platform using the Siron Dry Testing technology, a main factor in the request is the corrosion under insulation concerns on the clients other platforms which have been directly linked to Wet Performance Testing. Following several demonstrations onshore and discussions with safety teams an equipment spread was mobilised to the platform in Q3 of 2020.

  • 3 man-rope access team
  • Dry testing work scope 


The Dry Testing of the three jacket platforms was successfully completed within one three-week trip. This project was completed safely and in addition to the work scope the Clearwater Fire team assisted in conducting potential dropped objects surveys with several items being removed and authorities informed.